By the book!

My husband got me the Cook’s Illustrated Baking Book!!! I can not keep my hands off the book. Since I don’t know the purpose of the ingredients in the recipes, I thought this will be a great start. All three of us (five if we include Penny and Kitty) are home for winter break, and eating fresh baked goods seems to be a perfect way to spend the cold winter afternoons. Jimmy (my son), and I baked: bagels, bread, almond ring coffee cake, cookies, and croissants. So far, the croissants have been the most time consuming but worth every minute… delicious!!! I am hoping to bake at least one recipe every weekend during school. As a side note Penny stole some cookies from the cookie jar! My son found her eating them out of a plastic bag in front of the fireplace… It’s a dog’s life.IMG_2745 IMG_2752


Thanksgiving Cookies

IMG_2614After enrolling in a fun decorating class at Michaels, my mind stuck with cookies. Google and Youtube became my Friday night companions and I finally found this great website “sweetambs“. Here is the result of many hours spent watching and practicing, to create the perfect Thanksgiving cookie tray for my family and friends.

Empty Nest

Cookies, bread and pastries have found a way into my oven since my son went to college. Baking was this complicated chemistry formula that I admired at bakeries until my favorite bakery was closed! My craving for that sweet blueberry scone was stronger that my fear of baking. An hour later I was eating my very own amorphous scone from The Food Network. Sooner that I thought, I was baking more and more until my grocery list became: flour, sugar and butter. I have found a new passion: baking!!! I hope to share this new passion with others. Read more about ME here.