The best of baking

Fresh baked cookies, fresh baked bread, cupcakes, cakes, whatever it is.. what else do you need? Friends!!! (and Colombian coffee of course). Over the break, my young friends from church had a “cupcake war” or better yet “an excuse to get together and bake”. My house was filled with sugar, flour, and laughs. The outcome of the madness was delicious: Caramel cupcakes (girls) vs. Tres leches cupcakes (boys).10885466_10203260063168484_2956927511274666695_n cupcake An unexpected verdict gave the boys the trophy, but I am still thinking of what to do next to bring more friends over to bake again! My next project: decorating cookies! Now, I have to find friends to share:).


One comment

  1. Kathy · January 21, 2015

    I would vote for the girl’s caramel cupcakes! They look yummy. I’m in for baking cookies. Kathy


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